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Capsoul Consulting was born with the mission to bring wellbeing to the masses by connecting the right modalities (brands, businesses, schools of thought, etc) together that will make a bigger impact.

Capsoul is founded by Jennifer Lee, a wellness enthusiast with 5 years of risk consulting experience with the Big 4 consulting firms, and a lifetime of involvement in the wellness communities of Los Angeles, CA and now London, UK. Growing up in LA, she was surrounded by the wellness space, and grew her industry expertise both from an avid consumer- as well as professional- (by building a “Wellbeing in the Workplace” initiative in the Southern California offices of Deloitte) standpoint. Having moved to London in 2017 and from getting to know the wellness scene here and its business owners, she found that brands often worked in silos, and building partnerships strategically was often overlooked.

Realising a gap in the market where management and strategy consulting is not available to companies in the wellness industry (both from an industry expertise and solutions- as well as a price point- perspective), she created her own: Capsoul. Capsoul for wellness brands is designed to be one-stop-shop on all things strategic partnerships. As a core partnership channel is with corporations toward a workplace wellbeing - something we’ve established back in the LA and constantly see it emerging in London - we also work with corporations to build that programme and maximise their people’s performance based on increased focus on physical and mental wellbeing.

// @ parenthesesworld   photo by Supal Desai, @ chevroneclairs

// @parenthesesworld

photo by Supal Desai, @chevroneclairs



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Jennifer also manages lifestyle and travel content, with a focus in wellness in the storytelling she delivers, via her personal Instagram platform, @parenthesesworld. For brand collaborations and press enquiries, please reach out via social media or email jennifer@capsoulconsulting.com.


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