Our Services - Corporations


Strategic partnerships are the heart of what we do, across industries and solutions, and our process is methodology-based and proven.

For corporations, across all industries, we deliver a bespoke workplace wellbeing programme that’s aligned to your values & objectives, and supportive of your people structure, via building strategic partners.

We assess the organisation’s business model and structure, and define, deliver, and monitor a the programme – one that stems away from the traditional, outdated, programmes, to ones that match the constantly growing climate we see in the remaining areas of our workplace.



The Why

In the world of digitalisation, businesses today are surrounded by innovation via disruption.  Technologies, processes, and systems are constantly evolving to meet the demands of the disruption-to-innovation.  The gap in this evolution is the people.

Our people’s ability to be resilient and respond to these growing demands businesses place on them is enhanced by our focus on wellbeing.  Efficient wellbeing practices and opportunities maximise our people’s ability to thrive in the uncertainty and complexities in the workplace in this evolving world.



The How

We evaluate the current business environment and people structure, and provide recommendations based on 4 key components of wellbeing:

  • Productivity (the way we work)

  • Physiology (the way we move and eat)

  • Psychology (the way we think)

  • Recovery (the way we balance stress/anxiety)

Ultimately, we become the bridge between corporations looking to build work/life fit programmes and packages, and wellness brands that meet their mission, goal, budget, etc.  We are the mediator that speaks both industry languages, and a repository for those companies that are looking for support from the other!

We build metrics against KPIs that will show the ROI for both the corporation and wellness partners, to help determine longer-term partnerships.