Our Services - Wellness Brands


Strategic partnerships are the heart of what we do, across industries and solutions, and our process is methodology-based and proven.

For those in the wellness space, we expand their customer base, brand awareness, and commercial growth through designing, implementing, and growing their partnerships strategy. We connect our clients with the right complementary brands, corporations, (micro)influencers aligned with their social media marketing strategy, and more. The strategy - from target partners to partnership approach - we build is driven from KPIs and backed by a deep understanding of both the US and UK wellness market and its trends.

For those corporations across all industries, we deliver a workplace wellbeing programme inclusive of building strategic partners. We assess the current environment and deliver a bespoke programme around physical and mental health that’s aligned to your values, objectives, and supportive of your people structure.


For those in the wellness industry:



Brand to Brand

Partnerships with other businesses in- or related to- the wellness industry (e.g. digital magazines for press, health food & beverage, fitness, spirituality, etc).




Brand to Corporation

Helping our clients think strategically on corporate discounts/partnerships, so that they can deliver their products/services effectively to those businesses that are enhancing their employee’s wellbeing.



Brand to Influencer

Designing a pipeline as part of influencer marketing, and foraging those partnerships (full spectrum of ambassadorship vs collaborations) with (micro)influencers that align best with our clients brand. Assessments consider KPIs like engagement rate & media kits.



…And more

We work through additional partnerships that may be required by compliance (e.g. with SOx, PCAOB, FDA regulators)